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ESK Membership Guidelines and Application

The Evaluation Society of Kenya (ESK) is a network of individuals, groups and organizations that have come together and have an interest in all matters related to program evaluation. Its overall objective is to promote  the culture and practice of  M&E in the country,  for equitable and sustainable development.

Individual Membership

Download our individual membership application form for more details on how to be part of the Evaluation Society of Kenya community.


Corporate Membership

Download our corporate membership application form for more details on how to be part of the Evaluation Society of Kenya community.


Rights and Benefits

Download the membership rights and benefits form for more details on how to be part of the Evaluation Society of Kenya community.




The following are eligible for membership of ESK subject to approval by the ESK Board:

  1. All Monitoring and Evaluation professionals/practitioners who have had formal training on Monitoring and Evaluation.
  2.  All professionals/ practitioners who have experience in Monitoring and Evaluation, subject to an accreditation process to be drafted by the Executive Board and approved at an Annual Meeting.
  3. All persons interested in Monitoring and Evaluation and who meet the basic qualifications as may be defined and approved through the annual General Meeting.
  4. All ESK founder members.
  5. Maintain such ethical standards and does not conduct him/her self in a way that will bring his/her name, others or the profession into disrepute such as acts that are prejudicial to the good image of ESK and its members.

  6. Any person who desires to become a member of the Society shall apply to the Executive Committee by filling in the requisite forms, which may be obtained from the Secretary or availed in such other prescribed form as the Society may from time to time determine.
  7. The Executive Committee shall consider the application and if the same meets the conditions for admission into membership the committee shall approve the same and recommend the person for admission into membership.
  8. All persons approved to be members shall become so upon payment of the requisite dues for their class of membership, which shall be set from time to time by the Executive Committee and approved by the Annual General Meeting.


As you consider applying for, and making payment for the Student Membership category, be reminded that ESK shall ONLY accept payment for this category, upon submission of the following supporting documents:

  1. A Valid Student Identification Card from your Institution – Scanned copy.
  2. A stamped letter from your Registrar in-charge of Admissions or Dean of Students on OFFICIAL letterhead to CONFIRM that you are a CONTINUING student in that said institution – Scanned copy.
  3. An Identification document showing your age, as this category only targets those under 30 years of age – Scanned copy.
  • Without these THREE supporting documents, you may have no otherwise, but to register as an Individual Member and pay KES. 5, 000.
  • Be reminded that the ESK Secretariat will go the extra mile to CONFIRM the authenticity of the documents that you present as proof of studentship.



There shall be the following classes of membership

  1. Founder Member
  2. Individual Member
  3.  Student  Member
  4. Institutional / Corporate Member

The bylaws of the society shall set out further detail with regard to classes of membership including but not restricted to various registration and other fees for different classes of members, and the general and special rights and obligations of the different classes of members.

Upon admission, all classes of members shall have the right to attend the annual meeting and all general and special meetings of the Society. All classes of members shall be obliged to furnish the Society with an address to or at which all Society notices and/or communications intended for such members may be mailed or served.  If any member shall not furnish such an address, the member forfeits the right to any such notices or communications.

(b) Upon admission, full members shall be obliged to adhere to professional ethical standards and support the objectives of the Society and shall have the right to contribute relevant ideas for its development.

(c) Once you are a paid-up member, you automatically become a member of the African Evaluation Association (AFREA), enjoying all the related benefits


All paid-up ESK members shall:

  • Access to the ESK-owned information portals, evaluation resources, databases and directories.
  • First-time consideration for any M&E opportunities (job calls, consultancies, etc.) requested by partners as determined by the board.
  • Consideration for ESK representation in workshops, conferences or any relevant forum offered to the Society.
  • Enjoy special benefits and/or discounts rates at ESK-charged conferences/trainings and events, as established by the board and be eligible for consideration in any ESK and/or partners’-sponsored scholarships.
  • Obtain (on request and through an acceptable financing arrangement) ESK-endorsed (or letter-headed) certificates and/or letters-of-membership recommendation.
  • Be eligible for appointment to lead any Committee, Working Group and/or Task forces established by members to assist with governance or delivery of the Society’s objectives
  • Be able to nominate members of the Society for election to the Executive Committee;
  • Be able to stand for elections to the board, subject to the other requirements for election;
  • Vote in elections for members to the board; and

Vote on changes and/or amendments to the Constitution of the Society



Corporate membership currently provides the following benefits:

  • Up to 5 staff automatically become members.
  • Gives you access to ESK expertise and information shared in our e-platform.
  • Upon request provides opportunity for your organization to show-case your evaluation work in the government-led annual National M&E Week through our collaborations with the Monitoring and Evaluation Department (MED).

  1. To be considered as a Fully Paid Member of the Evaluation Society of Kenya, a member will be required to have fully paid their current annual subscription fees to ESK.
  2. The subscription fees can be paid into the Society’s account at the Co-operative Bank using the option below:
  3. Deposit into account:
  • Account Name: Evaluation Society of Kenya
  • Account Number: 01134421891800
  • Bank Name: Cooperative Bank of Kenya
  • Bank Branch: Cooperative House, Nairobi
  • Branch Code: 002
  • SWIFT Code: KCOOKENA (where necessary)

  1. Any member may at any time resign as a member of the Society by filing a written resignation with the Secretary and such resignation shall take effect upon the acceptance of same by the Executive Committee.
  2. Membership shall terminate automatically when a member becomes ineligible or is delinquent in the payment of dues.
  3. Any member is free to terminate their ESK membership provided they meet any pending liabilities to the organization. Application for termination should be done in writing to the ESK Executive Committee, in the absence of which the ESK Executive Committee shall unilaterally determine how to manage and handle the termination.
  4. The Society (through the ESK Executive Committee) may also terminate any membership in cases where there is/are clear violation(s) and breech of the member’s obligation to the rules and guidelines of the Society. The ESK Executive Committee (through the Chairman) will write a termination letter/notice, indicating reasons, to the affected member. The termination shall become effective 7 days after the issuance of the notice.
  5. See Article 4, No 6 on the fate of subscription fees in event of ESK membership termination. This clearly provides that there shall be no refund of any monies paid to the Society in respect of membership subscription.
  6. Appeal against termination: Any member who feels his/her membership has unjustifiably been terminated will be allowed to appeal in writing to the ESK Committee. The Committee will appoint a tribunal to hear the appeal and make a judgment on the appeal by which the Society will adhere.
  7. Membership may also be terminated for failure to honor the practice and other standards set by the Society. However, they may be reinstated upon reform
  8. Termination of membership may be initiated by any member, and shall be considered by the Executive Committee and if recommended shall be forwarded to the Annual General Meeting for approval or otherwise.
  9. A former member dropped for delinquency in payment of dues may be reinstated upon payment of dues for the current year.
  10. Termination of membership does not attract any material benefits from the Society.