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ESK Conducts Successful Outcome Mapping Training - ESK

ESK Conducts Successful Outcome Mapping Training

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The Evaluation Society of Kenya just concluded a successful two-day Outcome Mapping Training Workshop, sponsored in collaboration with the Monitoring and Evaluation Department (MED) of the Ministry of Devolution and Planning of the Government of the Republic of Kenya and Right Track Africa.

Leading by example… The workshop was facilitated by an Outcome Mapping Learning Community Steward, Julius Nyangaga. As can be seen from the pictures of the participants, Women have decided to lead by example… These are the ones “to shape the Gender Agenda in Evaluation post-2015”, even as we prepare for the official launch of EvalGender+ in Nepal in November… But they are not alone… The men MUST also play their part!

The induction session covered the following areas:
1. Defining the Outcome Mapping and Outcome Harvesting philosophies. Comparing the approach to other project management methods highlighting its strengths and weaknesses;
2. Going through the Outcome Mapping steps, giving a clear explanation behind each concept and how it is best applied. Using case examples to support understanding;
3. Showing or demonstrating monitoring journals/tools and evaluation reports that have been used to apply outcome mapping.

The training was facilitated by one of the Outcome Mapping Greats… Julius Nyangaga… Julius is currently the CEO and a senior consultant for Right Track Africa http://righttrack.co.ke, a consortium of professionals in Kenya established in October 2013 to provide services in Strategy Development, Business Development Services, and Monitoring and Evaluation.

Julius is also a Steward of the Outcome Mapping learning Community (OMLC) http://www.outcomemapping.ca, a global, informal, open membership network for sharing information and facilitating learning on using Outcome Mapping. The key gender message from the training, beyond Outcome Mapping, was that women are not to be left behind. They are a critical cog in the wheel of shaping the Gender Agenda in Evaluation Post-2015. And clearly, the members of the Evaluation Society of Kenya (ESK) have confirmed this by leading from the front!

The training was conducted on 12th and 13th August 2015 in partnership with the Monitoring and Evaluation Department of the Ministry of Devolution and Planning, of the Government of Kenya, which offered the training space free of charge at the MED Boardroom.



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